09e-Super-duo-Fifi-Hanna-smHijabScarf – one word, one meaning, and the virtual ‘planet’ of two ladies, is one of the most popular and widely recognised hijab blogs out there.

Hanna and Fifi started the blog over two years ago with the intention of turning their online blog into a lifestyle magazine. They both share the same interest of dressing up with the hijab, telling their stories of how they started wearing it, and sharing the stories of other influential Muslimahs from around the world.

A second reason they started the blog was to fulfil their mutual dream. ‘We have a dream that our blog will become a magazine in the future. The challenge is how to make a magazine with zero assets. One way to do this is making a sort of e-magazine. Hijabscarf is [a combination of] a personal blog and a magazine, concept-wise.’

Some of you may have noticed that HijabScarf isn’t as active as it used to be. That’s because Hanna and Fifi are drawing much closer to fulfilling their dream of running their own magazine. Yes, Laiqa Magazine is coming soon! Their blog, HijabScarf, has even enabled them to start their own fashion label, ‘Casa Elana’.

So blogging isn’t just sharing one’s love and passion for a subject, but also a way to achieve one’s dreams


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